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Creating Clarity Through Communication

Not all parents need or want to hire a special education advocate. Beth offers a variety of services that help prepare you, the parent, to effectively advocate for your child’s needs, including:

  • School Visits: assess placement recommendations offered by the New York City Department of Education in order to determine if the program and services are appropriate for meeting your child's current educational needs

  • Reviewing Educational Evaluations: help translate your child’s neuropsychological and/or psycho-educational evaluations into “plain English” in order to better understand what your child actually needs, whose job it is to provide it and where you can start in terms of seeking support​

  • Meeting Preparation: assist parents in planning for Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings with the Committee on Special Education (CSE), carefully reviewing available options in order to obtain services in your child’s present academic setting


  • Learning Profiles: prepare user-friendly learning profiles for families to pass along to all people responsible for educating their child, particularly helpful in preparation for parent-teacher conferences and communicating with multiple teachers in the transition to middle school