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I am a teacher, writer, lecturer, storyteller, and champion of anyone who falls outside the bell curve. I am committed to empowering my students by helping them own their own strengths and struggles so they can take charge of their learning. I think of it as compassionate transparency; my students would tell you I “get real”. It’s true: with a bit of humor and a lot of elbow grease, I believe we can own what gets in our way and use it to propel us forward. 


I work with students in 3rd-8th grades in need of one-on-one remediation due to specific learning disorders in reading and writing.


I support students who may not have specific reading or writing challenges but struggle academically due to unevenly developed executive functioning and attention controls.

I teach students who are newly diagnosed with AD/HD exactly what that means using up-to-date research in neuroscience, translated for the younger set so they can get to know their unique brains!


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