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Beth Bucher is a tutor, writer, lecturer and champion of students with learning disabilities. Her passion for this work took hold eight years ago, when Beth was given the unique opportunity to develop and teach a 10-week course on learning disabilities for students with learning disabilities. Not their teachers, not their parents...THEM. They ate it up, year-after-year, and she was hooked.


Beth is committed to compassionate transparency with her students, working tirelessly to find ways to help students truly understand their strengths and struggles and empower them to take charge of their own learning. Beth’s talent lies in her ability to translate even the most complicated educational jargon and neuropsychological assessments into user-friendly language for students and parents to create a clearer picture of learning for all.


With 17 years of experience as an educator in both public and private settings, Beth works closely with students to create and implement individualized strategies in order to promote their academic, social-emotional and executive functioning success. She also provides students with the language necessary for independent self-advocacy in the school setting, which is critical in preparing students for a successful transition to middle and high school. 


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Beth has extensive experience working with a broad range of educational professionals in the special education community, including teachers, administrators, clinical psychologists, language and occupational therapists, lawyers, graduate students, and the New York City Committee on Special Education (CSE).


As the former CSE Director for the Mary McDowell Friends School, Beth created the first ‘in-house’ advocacy department within a New York City independent school, developing systems of communication that allowed one key administrator to participate in IEP meetings and give testimony in impartial hearings as effectively as the classroom teachers themselves. Streamlining this important process kept teachers where they belonged- in the classroom- and supported them in doing what they do best, individualizing instruction for students. 

If teachers, parents and students have access to the same information in a straightforward way, everyone on that child’s team can work together more effectively.


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